Radiant Spirit Art

Prints of original paintings by Raymond Munro.

Art has the quality of being able to transmit a loving transcendental vibration, to emanate a spiritually uplifting and healing energy. It is this I aspire to do in my art.

My life as an artist began Just before my 28th birthday in 1991, when I found myself drawn to looking in art galleries at exhibitions almost daily. I found art exhibitions peaceful and relaxing. I was looking at paintings for hours and enjoying the experience, this was quite new to me.
I attended a particular exhibition from the Tate Gallery, of paintings of theatrical performances. Whilst looking at a 19th century painting of a scene from Hamlet I realized that I could see how the artist had painted the scene, I could see how the image had been built up, I could see it so clearly that it occurred to me that if I could see this, I could do this. I remembered that as a child I was naturally very good at art. At primary school I loved drawing and painting, I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. 

With the awakening of these memories and the painting of Hamlet that I was deconstructing in front of me, I resolved in that moment to live my childhood dream. My older brothers response to hearing about my decision was to take me to an art shop and buy me all the paints, brushes and pallet that I needed, a truly wonderful brother. My friend then gave me an easel that his late father had painted on throughout his retirement. He asked that I kept it always as it had great sentimental significance to him. I have been painting on this easel for 28 years and appreciate very much the tremendous gift of being given it by my kind and beautiful friend.

Painting changed everything for me, as soon as I began actively engaging with my lifelong love of art and making my childhood dream a reality, my appreciation of myself and others deepened as a consequence, as did my appreciation of the natural world, of life itself. I experienced a profound spiritual awakening. Painting pictures was the key that opened a door to a whole new dimension of conscious experience which even to this day continues to expand. I consider whatever artistic gift I have, to be a true blessing from the creator, that must be honoured by using all my ability, to make each picture the best I can do. I need to know I have given my best. For this reason my paintings tend to take a long time. 
To put it simply, I love painting. I hope you who are reading this, have some creative expression that you love also.


“Woodland Scene” print

215mm x 292mm 

“Babaji with Tor” print

 272mm x 356mm

“Babaji Portrait” print

227mm x 306mm


“Tor” print

288mm x 386mm


“Ganash” print

288mm x 386mm


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